Monday, December 30, 2013

My Word for 2014

I had seeing lot of people selecting a word for this new year. And I want to do the same thing. This is my first time doing it and I chose the word GROW.
I I will work hard on learn and adsorb all I can from the Workshops I will be taking. I will try to get all good around me. Focused on how can make me better, how can I grow with everything around me.
I had being already more than 5 years I didn't do resolutions starting a year because I know I will not do it. But this time I feel totally different. I feel I can do anything I want. That it is what this 2013 make of me. A believer of my self! So now it is time for me to Grow and do what ever I decided to do with my self.

So here my resolutions!
1. Get to me healthy weight (the classic!)
2. Participate at least on one craft fair.
3. Start calling my self and Artist.
4. Start "homeschooling" my baby boy (not really, just set 30 mins a day to teach him something every day)
5. Be in peace with my self and my love ones.

 And of course! I did and page on my Art Journal about my 2014 Word! Here the pictures.

And here the video of the whole process.

Thanks for come and check my blog!
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

Monday, December 23, 2013

Moonshine + Book Of Days 2014 – GIVEAWAY!

I am signed in for Moonshine 2014! But the best part is Effy is giving away some spots, here the link for the giveaway.

 And I am so excited! She had the boot camp! And I had being working on it. So the first thing I did was an sketch here it is.

I did this 2nd sketch and colored with  Prisma Color Pencils.

But I decided to finish the page on my art journal.

I added Panpastels color Permanent Green Tint

Added some Washi Tape

Used Liquitex Ink Naphthol Crimson

Some ephemera

Craft Paints to add some colors DecoArt Ocean Green, CraftEssencials Cherry Cobbler, Dark Yellow, and then went to far with spary colors... and more craft colors and stencils...

Still not happy... so more stencils and colors ;)

Like I think I like it... so Added more stencils with Black Basic Acrylic Paint

And to finished some Black Gelato to frame the page and some Metalics ones for the girls.

Thanks for come and check my blog!
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Color Challenge Lindy's Stamp Gang

I did a page for my December Daily Art Journal.

First thing I sprayed the cardstock with Delphinium Turquoise . And added clear Gesso over the page, that way it is not going to mix with the next color.

And after it was dry I added Heliotrope Purple Plum with TCW  Mini Grunge Hearts Stencil

I used Modeling paste and gesso with a SaCrafter's Stencils and over the Gesso I added Open arms amethyst.

And I stamp a few things around and used Razzleberry Plum Embossing Powder

And to finished the page I used a little of White Gelato Faber Castell to frame the art journal page.

I hope you liked!

Thanks for come and check my blog!

Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily Dec 7th

Here it is my December 7th! And I can predict, I will no be able to post every page I did here or in my YouTube account. But  I will made a post with all the entries for the week... Maybe Sunday I will post it!

But back to Dec 7th here it is the video of the process

And here the picture of the final page.

Thanks for chrck my blog!
Nywrka Rebecca

Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily December 6th

Finally I am posting on time! on December 6th!

Nothing great I must say! But here the video with the process.

And here the picture of it finished

  • It was on watercolor paper.
  • First I used watercolor crayons to add some color to the background.
  • I add tissue paper with gel medium.
  • Add some doodleing and stamped the birds. 
  • I lined them out with a pen and colored with Faber Castell Pit Brush markers. 
  • I stamped the sentiment and then paint the borders with gold acrylic paint.
Thanks for come and check my blog!
Nywrka Rebecca

December Daily December 5th Page

Here it is! I had time to do it! And this one is a personal one, my baby brother birthday was yesterday! In special days like this is when I really miss being in Puerto Rico close to my love ones. But! I cant so I decided to dedicated this page to him! I almost sure he is not going to read this, but anyways... I just want to tell you that I love you so much!

Here it the video of the process:

Here it is the final picture

  • With Matte medium gel and Mod Podge Hard Coat I glued  the scraps papers and some ribbons.  
  • I used the Distress Paint color Mowed Lawn to cover the left white space on the page. 
  • I used the Distress Paint Barn Door with an empty tower paper roll to add color to it.
  • With White acrylic paint and some bubble wrappers I added some color.
  • I added a few drops of Naphthol Crimson Liquitex Ink and with a pot holder with a cool texture used as a stamp I spread the ink.
  • With Oil Pastels I draw the Birthday Cake and colored the number candles.
Thanks so much everyone!
Nywrka Rebecca

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily Art Journal Cover and Back

I decided to create a December Daily Art Journal. My first attempt ever to do a December Daily and it was totally inspired by Andrea Gomoll (check the link on her name). She is a terrific artist and an amazing teacher. So after being kind of sad about the idea of take a break of my creative side (because I am trying to go to bed early and I am pretty much an owl since my baby boy born) so I got excited about take at least 15 mins and create a fast page. Of course I watched her first video about it yesterday, so I just started late (not December 1st). I will try to make a post daily of my page.

I used the Mixed Media Art Journal from Prima, I got it last year not sure how much time it had being around, but I never got to do anything with it. So it just did click this is the perfect opportunity to use it!

Here it is the cover and the back of the December Daily Art Journal. I used mainly Panpastels Red, Yellow and Blue to make green. I used stencils and fabric paint red and green and the white is gesso. I used and old stamp for the month and year, and add some Stickels on it. The burlap closure is a banner I got from the Dollar bin from Target.

I hope you like it and stay with me in the process of my December Daily.

And here the video of the process. 

Thanks so much for come and read!

Nywrka Rebecca

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge: October

I really want to participate in the Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge: October but when I saw the colors... well I wasnt so sure anymore. I am not a Halloween person, yes I celebrated and enjoy it pretty much with my kids. But I dont do Halloween Cards or anything special to decorate or something I will used those colors. So... I did this girl and decided to used for my entry for my Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge: October.

This is she originally:

Now the final piece:

For the skin I used: Glory of the Sea Gold
For the eyes: Sea Mint Green
For the flower: Marigold Yellow Orange
For the hair: Screamin' Banshee Black and Black Orchid Silver

 And for the dress I added tissue paper to give it some texture and I used (and for the lips too): French Lilac Violet

For the background I used: Desert Moon Tumbleweed Sage Glitz and Ethereal Emerald Moon Shadow 

Thanks for come and check my blog!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What I need to "let go..."

Well I need to admit that sometimes I feel guilty because I am enjoying being alone in my corner without my kids. Lets clarify that happen when they are in bed after 9 pm. Sometimes I have an idea and I want to work on it, but they are awake! So I feel very guilty about wish they get tired and go to bed! So this is my page I made about it. Hope you like it!
I will be using this post as an entry for

October 2013 Creative Dare


Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is in my mind...

Hello everyone...
I had being thinking lately. Too much maybe. But I am getting in a point in my live where I want more. Not necessarily more money, or more work. I want more of what I love. Do what I think makes me the happiest.

I can tell you I am in a pretty good place right now. I have an amazing family that I love and they love me to pieces. I can feel it! And I know it! LOL But for real my "career" I know I could do better. In one point of my live I dream about my career. And it was a totally different vision! I dreamed about being a Math Professor for a College. But the necessities and priorities goes changing after the time flies.

In this time of my live I see my self surrounded by my family (100%) and creating art. I know it is a 360 degrees change in the directions of my dreams. But you know what... why not? I can dream too! I am a happy 37 year old woman and I can do it! I am not dreaming to becoming a Picasso or Monet. I would love just to create and the people could enjoy what I created.if can make a little profit doing  what I love even better! ;)

For me is pretty pretentious call my self an Artist... it does not feel right. I feel like I am giving me to big as a name! But... that is my dream! So I will call my self... an Artist in Training.

I will concentrate more in my art journals, canvas, etc. I will put aside the scrapbook that open my brains windows to a new world of colors and possibilities.

I had being posting almost daily an entry on Instagram showing you what had I being creating daily.

My youtube Channel that I had being posting here for a while now:
My facebook:
And the last for know it is my Etsy Store:

Thanks so much for read!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coffee Lady

Here a canvas I create for something... but I did it in the wrong direction! SO thats mean I need to do another one just like this one! But some of the supplies I used on this one!

Here you have the whole process video

Thanks for come and read me!