Thursday, August 30, 2012

An altered pinboard

Hello all!

I want to show you a little project I made the last week. I altered an old pin board I had in my garage. I was having troubles with my jewelry etc to organized and find it easy to used them. So! I decided to used the pin board for that.

Here is how it looks before the altering job...

And here is the after in my wall! My husband does not love it LOL. To girlish for our shared bathroom, closet area but I put it in my side! So he is ok with it... not than anyone see our space. I dont love it either because I feel like it looks like art school project. But it is going to be good for what I want it to used for.


Here is the video of the project

Thanks for read!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Altered frame found in a Thrift shop

Hello all.

I am finally getting in the routine of have a new born and my 8 years old on vacations. I realize the baby is taking pretty two longs naps during the day, one for house work and the other (when I got all done in the first nap) for my corner!

So August 23rd was my 9th anniversary! I love that man! So much! I cant visualize my live without him. He is my enabler #1, my first supporter and he is always encouraging me to be better. Ok enough of my being a crazy in love wife! hehe

I decide to find the perfect gift for him... but my big boy son spoiled the surprise hehehe. So I made my gift for him!

I found this frame in one of my locals Thrift Shops. I saw all the possibilities! I paid $4.99 for it. I thought in that time it was kind of pricie but it was worth it.

I painted and altered not to feminine. It was a challenge not use flowers, laces, bling bling, or all the stuff I am used to. But I like the final look.

Here is the video where you can see the whole process.

Thanks for visit my blog! I really appreciated. And Stayed tune because I will do a gift away here pretty soon!


Monday, August 13, 2012

A baby girl card

Finally I was able to work in my corner! You know I have a 2 month old at home and it is technically imposible to me to create anything! But I made a baby girl card. A good friends of us are going to have their second baby girl. So we were not sure what to get them, we decided for a gift card. But how you give a gift card a little personalized? Well I made a card! Here it is:

Here the list of products I used.
*Little Darlins
*MME Lost & Found Two Blush
*Cardstock brown
Lindys Stamp Gang Starburst Colors:
*A Bit o'Bubbly
*Jurry Navel Peach
Distress Inks:
*Antic Linen
*Worn Lipstick

Thanks for watch!