Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is in my mind...

Hello everyone...
I had being thinking lately. Too much maybe. But I am getting in a point in my live where I want more. Not necessarily more money, or more work. I want more of what I love. Do what I think makes me the happiest.

I can tell you I am in a pretty good place right now. I have an amazing family that I love and they love me to pieces. I can feel it! And I know it! LOL But for real my "career" I know I could do better. In one point of my live I dream about my career. And it was a totally different vision! I dreamed about being a Math Professor for a College. But the necessities and priorities goes changing after the time flies.

In this time of my live I see my self surrounded by my family (100%) and creating art. I know it is a 360 degrees change in the directions of my dreams. But you know what... why not? I can dream too! I am a happy 37 year old woman and I can do it! I am not dreaming to becoming a Picasso or Monet. I would love just to create and the people could enjoy what I created.if can make a little profit doing  what I love even better! ;)

For me is pretty pretentious call my self an Artist... it does not feel right. I feel like I am giving me to big as a name! But... that is my dream! So I will call my self... an Artist in Training.

I will concentrate more in my art journals, canvas, etc. I will put aside the scrapbook that open my brains windows to a new world of colors and possibilities.

I had being posting almost daily an entry on Instagram showing you what had I being creating daily.

My youtube Channel that I had being posting here for a while now:
My facebook:
And the last for know it is my Etsy Store:

Thanks so much for read!


  1. I found you on you tube.... I fell in love with your heart, the way you explained your ways.... you made me smile.. others make me gringe as they speak about so many things im so not interested in.... one did an inner healing thing that has truly messed me up as I chose not to dwell on bad things of the past... this one teacher thrives on it.... I just want to be surrounded by art, people who love God and peoples whos light and love are so obvious it shines..... they shine.... their heart shines.... I don't do anything but facebook and you tube... I will follow you as you make your progress and delete some others as I was just so hungry to English is wonderful.... don't even concern yourself....thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I follow you on You Tube, LOVE watching you create! If you look up "google Translate" you can type everything you want to say in your language and it will translate it to English I have done this many times, then all you do is Highlight the english part and copy, paste it wherever you are writing!
    Si estoy en lo cierto eres español habla? ¿no? y ver cómo se puede llevar a mi Inglés y convertirlo en su idioma y wighout yo tratando de encontrar la manera de decirlo! Espero que esto te ayude! Y tú eres y artista, no te vez duda de que!