Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge: October

I really want to participate in the Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge: October but when I saw the colors... well I wasnt so sure anymore. I am not a Halloween person, yes I celebrated and enjoy it pretty much with my kids. But I dont do Halloween Cards or anything special to decorate or something I will used those colors. So... I did this girl and decided to used for my entry for my Lindy’s Stamp Gang color challenge: October.

This is she originally:

Now the final piece:

For the skin I used: Glory of the Sea Gold
For the eyes: Sea Mint Green
For the flower: Marigold Yellow Orange
For the hair: Screamin' Banshee Black and Black Orchid Silver

 And for the dress I added tissue paper to give it some texture and I used (and for the lips too): French Lilac Violet

For the background I used: Desert Moon Tumbleweed Sage Glitz and Ethereal Emerald Moon Shadow 

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

What I need to "let go..."

Well I need to admit that sometimes I feel guilty because I am enjoying being alone in my corner without my kids. Lets clarify that happen when they are in bed after 9 pm. Sometimes I have an idea and I want to work on it, but they are awake! So I feel very guilty about wish they get tired and go to bed! So this is my page I made about it. Hope you like it!
I will be using this post as an entry for

October 2013 Creative Dare


Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is in my mind...

Hello everyone...
I had being thinking lately. Too much maybe. But I am getting in a point in my live where I want more. Not necessarily more money, or more work. I want more of what I love. Do what I think makes me the happiest.

I can tell you I am in a pretty good place right now. I have an amazing family that I love and they love me to pieces. I can feel it! And I know it! LOL But for real my "career" I know I could do better. In one point of my live I dream about my career. And it was a totally different vision! I dreamed about being a Math Professor for a College. But the necessities and priorities goes changing after the time flies.

In this time of my live I see my self surrounded by my family (100%) and creating art. I know it is a 360 degrees change in the directions of my dreams. But you know what... why not? I can dream too! I am a happy 37 year old woman and I can do it! I am not dreaming to becoming a Picasso or Monet. I would love just to create and the people could enjoy what I created.if can make a little profit doing  what I love even better! ;)

For me is pretty pretentious call my self an Artist... it does not feel right. I feel like I am giving me to big as a name! But... that is my dream! So I will call my self... an Artist in Training.

I will concentrate more in my art journals, canvas, etc. I will put aside the scrapbook that open my brains windows to a new world of colors and possibilities.

I had being posting almost daily an entry on Instagram showing you what had I being creating daily.


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