Monday, December 30, 2013

My Word for 2014

I had seeing lot of people selecting a word for this new year. And I want to do the same thing. This is my first time doing it and I chose the word GROW.
I I will work hard on learn and adsorb all I can from the Workshops I will be taking. I will try to get all good around me. Focused on how can make me better, how can I grow with everything around me.
I had being already more than 5 years I didn't do resolutions starting a year because I know I will not do it. But this time I feel totally different. I feel I can do anything I want. That it is what this 2013 make of me. A believer of my self! So now it is time for me to Grow and do what ever I decided to do with my self.

So here my resolutions!
1. Get to me healthy weight (the classic!)
2. Participate at least on one craft fair.
3. Start calling my self and Artist.
4. Start "homeschooling" my baby boy (not really, just set 30 mins a day to teach him something every day)
5. Be in peace with my self and my love ones.

 And of course! I did and page on my Art Journal about my 2014 Word! Here the pictures.

And here the video of the whole process.

Thanks for come and check my blog!
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

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