Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily December 5th Page

Here it is! I had time to do it! And this one is a personal one, my baby brother birthday was yesterday! In special days like this is when I really miss being in Puerto Rico close to my love ones. But! I cant so I decided to dedicated this page to him! I almost sure he is not going to read this, but anyways... I just want to tell you that I love you so much!

Here it the video of the process:

Here it is the final picture

  • With Matte medium gel and Mod Podge Hard Coat I glued  the scraps papers and some ribbons.  
  • I used the Distress Paint color Mowed Lawn to cover the left white space on the page. 
  • I used the Distress Paint Barn Door with an empty tower paper roll to add color to it.
  • With White acrylic paint and some bubble wrappers I added some color.
  • I added a few drops of Naphthol Crimson Liquitex Ink and with a pot holder with a cool texture used as a stamp I spread the ink.
  • With Oil Pastels I draw the Birthday Cake and colored the number candles.
Thanks so much everyone!
Nywrka Rebecca


  1. Ok I love that Becca!! Wish my broters would appreciate stuff like this.. :( but they don't care for it.. I love the process and your speedy videos! They are right ontime.. all the time... :)