Monday, April 25, 2011

My sign...

Here is the sing with my name! This was the only project completed during the weekend. Here is how it was before!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Open Butterfly Mini

I cant name all the Lindy's I used. I got crazy, I got my order Monday and Paint every flower!

Butterfly Basket

Mutterfly basket was decorated with trim sparyed ny Starburst Spay Tibeta  Poppy Teal, and Cocklebells Coral. For the flowers and the butterflies and flowers I used Starburst in Cocklebells Cora, Rhododendron Red Rose,Jack in the Pulpit Teal, and Sea Mint Green.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mini for a good friend!

Un mini para una de mis Scrapy Sisters. En este mini usé Starburst Spray Hottie Patottie Hot Pink, Moon Shadow Phantom Fuchsia y mis  Micas Milky Way.

Here is the mini I made for one of my Scrapy Sisters. In this mini I used Starburst Spray Hottie Patottie Hot Pink, Moon Shadow Phantom Fuchsia, and my  Micas Milky Way.

Girly Card

Aqui mi tarjeta femenina! 
Muy sencilla pero me gusta el resultado final.

Here my girly card. Very simple but I like the final look.

Starburst Spray Cotton Candy Pink, Sea Mint Green, Creme Brulee Cream, and Lucky Shamrock Green

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Aquí mi ultimo Layout! Tengo una sobredosis de Lindy's! Me llegó mi order ayer y me volví loca! Solo tengo que decir que me encantan todos!

Estos son los productos que usétodos estos colores que estan en la foto. Entre los papeles y las flores. Vean el video para que sepan que usé en donde. 

This are the products I used in this picture between the papers and the flowers. You need to watch the video to see what color I used in where.
Starburst Spray Yellow Rose of Texas, Creme Brulee Cream, Rhododendron Red Rose, Delphineum Turquoise, Dark ChocolateTruffle BrownCattail Copper Brown, Cocoa Bean Coppe, Cocklebells Coral, and Hydrangea Blue

Monday, April 18, 2011

My butterfly canvas

Here my blue canvas or my butterfly canvas!

 I used my Micas Milky Way to paint my butterflies mixed wit Mod Podge Dimensional Magil.

I used Starburst Spray Hottie Patottie Hot Pink and Moon Shadow Phantom Fuchsia for some of the flowers. And for the paper I sprayed with the same both and I love the combination!