Monday, November 14, 2016

Creative Sunday: Art Journal Possibilities

Sunday, October 30, 2016

November Cover

Hello everyone!

I hope you are getting ready for the Holidays! We are more than ready for Halloween for sure, but getting ready for Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Can you feel my excitement!

In this country is so beautiful the change of stations. and after 10 years of living here I am still impressed every year. Specially with the Fall! Love the colors of fall.

I create this cover to represent that fascination! Here it is the image, you can download it and used as a coloring page. Hope you like it!

Here it is the video of my coloring the page.

I would love to see your versions of this cover. If you used and share it on the net I would love to see it!

Thanks for coming and read me!

Hugs Nywrka Rebecca

Monday, October 24, 2016

Planner Peace!

I need to give you and update on my planner situation. I am almost sure I found planner peace! (but you know how that works right?)

I am currently using two planners. A disc bound letter size planner and a pocket notebook that is functioning like my bullet journal.

Lets talk about the disc bound planner first. Here is the look of it.

This one is pretty big to carry it around with me (I use small purses).I love the size because can add so much information and the monthly calendar is so spacious!

What I have on it? First you will find my monthly calendar. In those I have everything happening in our family. School, Pre-school, Coop, Volunteer work, appointments... you get the picture! For every month I am planing to make a cover for the month and share it here for all of you my readers. After the month my plan is to make a doodle memories page. And after the monthly calendar I have my collections of my bullet journal. I enjoy the collections in my bullet journal but the thought of rewrite  them every time I start a new journal it didn't look so fun (in my opinion). This planner is very important on my organization. This one is like the root of my second planner.

Talking about my second planner! This is my tiny treasure.

I got this lovely notebook for a great price! And I got it just because of that to tell you the truth. On my opinion it was to small. But I tried and fell in love with it! This is my bullet journal now. Here I will be doing a monthly views, weekly views and daily views. The paper is so good I can use watercolors and some ink markers. So it has function as a bullet journal, sketch journal and what ever it is needed at the moment.

This is the way I found planner peace!

I will be back soon to show you the inside of each of them on separate blog post and I will be adding the cover for you to download for free.

Thank you so much for come and read!
Hope to see you soon!
Nywrka Rebecca

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DIY Embellishments

Hello everyone!

Here I am thinking all this paper I have and I will never going to find embellishments that match this old collections... but lucky me! I watch lots of youtube videos and watched some great videos (and pinterest) about make my own embellishments.

I just put out my Big Shot and dusted! It was fun! I made a video of the process and coming soon a video of how I used those embellishments I made.

Let me know if you try to make your own. I would love to see them!

Thanks for come and read me!


Nywrka Rebecca

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I discovered Bullet Journal!

Lets get this clear I discovered it but I didn't created. Here the link to the original and creator of the bullet journal.
After that said lets talk about it! I love the system. If you check the link you can see it is kind of a handmade planner where you can add anything you think it is needed.

I had been working on mine since June. Trying to figured it out what works for me! After some trials and errors I think I got what I need! I need a weekly spread where I can track my cleaning dutties and my fitness progress. I love the idea of having collections and random list on the bullet journal. I can wait until I have the time to create some of them!

Here some pictures of previous month on my bullet journal.

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

Here it is my setup for the month of September. In this one I went more simple.  Here are the pictures:

Here is the link for the whole plan with me video on the process to make this pages.

Thanks for come and read!


Nywrka Rebecca

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Creative Sunday Tutorial Face Coloring with Neocolor II

Hello Everyone!

This is the list of the products I used to color this face:

In this one I want to use only Neocolor II to do it. Here are the names of the colors in order I used them:
Flesh - 7500,042
Golden Ocre - 7500,033
Brown- 7500,059
Black - 7500,009
Sky Blue - 7500,141
Light Blue - 7500,161
Salmon Pink - 7500,051
White - 7500,001

Purple - 7500,090
Scarlet- 7500,070

Payne's Grey - 7500,508
Black - 7500,009
Brown- 7500,059
Scarlet- 7500,070
White - 7500,001

For the eyes:
Black - 7500,009
Emerald Green - 7500,210
Cobalt Blue- 7500,160

Here is the whole tutorial:

Thanks for come and check the list!

Nywrka Rebecca

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Creative Sunday Tutorial Face Coloring

Hello everyone!

 Today I am sharing the process of this face I draw and I colored(that is the video). I want to give you all the materials used to color the face.

Here it is!

I used fot the skin Neocolor II:

Flesh color

And I used Inktense Color Pencils for the lips, the eyes and the shirt.

Apple Green


Ink Black

 Baked Earth

And for the hair I used Inktense color blocks, I love to used them for hair!

Here it is the full video tutorial! Hope you like it!

Thanks for come and check my blog out!

Nywrka Rebecca

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creative Sunday Full body lady tutorial

Hello everyone!

I am back! at least trying to! I have the full tutorial on youtube of how I did this lady!

And here are the picture  list of some of the materials I used to create it (I am trying to get better with this)

I tried this one, It works really good.

Some color!

 Bombay Ink:

Colos for the skin:

 I always try to include some Lindys! Gotta love them!


Prima Stencils:

Thanks so much for come and check my blog!

Here is the link for the video tutorial of the making!

Creative Sunday: Full lady tutorial