Sunday, May 11, 2014

Coffee Lady Canvas

I did this canvas for a good friend. Here it is the process on pictures and the video!

Hope you like it! 

Check the whole process here:

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Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My studio!

Finally my studio is complete! I am so excited and I love it! Thanks to my parents that work with me all the time to make it!
 Here are the pictures!

My work table and paint wall! I totally love it!


The other side

And my pink wall...

It is a work in process and probably it will be a work in process for ever, but I am very happy and I can use it!

Thanks for come and read me!
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Creative Sunday Art Journal Page I am

I want to share a process video I made.

I hope you like it! I used acrylics paints, old vintage ephemera paper, India Inks and Acrylics Inks, and Faber Castell Gelatos. You can see the whole process in My Creative Sunday Video,

Thanks for come and read!
Nywrka Rebecca  aka Becca Boriscrapbookera

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Face 15 and Lindys Febrary Challenge!

I am doing my 29 faces challenge and I wanted to participate in Lindy's Stamp Gang February Challenge.

Here it is the link for the challenge.

And here it is my project!

Here it is how I started working in the face already sketched.

And here are the products I wanted to use that match with the colors.

I painted the face  Glory of the Sea Gold

The lips Peony Scarlet Red

The eyes Tibetan Poppy Teal  and the hair Screaming Banshee Black

Here the final piece

Thanks for come and read!
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

Face 14

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frog Dog Studio January Challenge

I just discovered this place! They have great kits of Mixed Media! And of course... I am looking for challenges to stay motivated. And here it is her January Challenge: January challenge is all about Color, specifically Red, White, & Blue!

I decided to do my weekly layout with this challenge.This time I went with Watercolor paper. I added dots of Liquitex Ink Red and Blue and sprayed water on them.  I wanted to give it more color to it, so I added some washi tape.

I used a felt ribbon as a stencil with Lindys Stamp Gang Flat Fabio Spray and after sprayed I cleaned the excess of spray on the felt ribbon on the paper.

I added Wall Repair Fabric to the page and added on it Modeling Paste.

Over the modeling paste I used a rubber stamp to give it some texture.

Still was missing something so I added more Washi tape.  I used Mica and Magical from Lindy's Stamp Gang on some chipboard die cuts.

And I mixed Iridescent medium with Mica

I added the chipboard pieces and the picture and added some journaling.

This picture means a lot to me. This man is my Grandpa and he passed away while ago. And the sad part is I have just three pictures of him with my big boy. Don't give your love ones for granted! Capture the moment and always say  I love you!

Thanks for come and read me
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera