Sunday, January 19, 2014

Journal 52 Week 2

Hello everyone!
I want to share a page I am doing for my Journal 52. Here the link if you are curious of what I am talking about:

The promp for this week is Somewhere, a Simple Place

I was thinking like crazy about where? But the only thing it came to my mind everytime was with who! The answer to that it is so easy... My boys! My 3 guys that I love more than anyone could guess!

So I needed some ideas for my 10 years old guy. I ask him to give a color for each of us in the family. So this was his decision. I am pink, my DH is purple, my boy is green, and my baby boy is blue. From there it was easy! I need to add my coffee! It is kind of my gasoline! Needs to be with me (Somewhere, a Simple Place)!

I started cutting the silhouettes of us, then I started to giving some color to the background. I applied gesso, then add some color with Neocolors II. After that I used different stencils and Distress Paints with them and add some of my pieces of my collage the "table".

After that I glued all the silhouette of all of us.

After dry I added some dimension with Faber Castell Brush Pitt Markers and used stencils too. I added the sentiment.

And this is the final piece!

Here is the video with the whole process!

Thanks for come and read me!
Nywrka Rebecca AKA Becca Boriscrapbookera

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  1. I love how your son assigned a color for everyone in the family and the way you depicted you and your husband holding hands at the table and "looking" out over the boys. This is fabulous! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥