Monday, October 24, 2016

Planner Peace!

I need to give you and update on my planner situation. I am almost sure I found planner peace! (but you know how that works right?)

I am currently using two planners. A disc bound letter size planner and a pocket notebook that is functioning like my bullet journal.

Lets talk about the disc bound planner first. Here is the look of it.

This one is pretty big to carry it around with me (I use small purses).I love the size because can add so much information and the monthly calendar is so spacious!

What I have on it? First you will find my monthly calendar. In those I have everything happening in our family. School, Pre-school, Coop, Volunteer work, appointments... you get the picture! For every month I am planing to make a cover for the month and share it here for all of you my readers. After the month my plan is to make a doodle memories page. And after the monthly calendar I have my collections of my bullet journal. I enjoy the collections in my bullet journal but the thought of rewrite  them every time I start a new journal it didn't look so fun (in my opinion). This planner is very important on my organization. This one is like the root of my second planner.

Talking about my second planner! This is my tiny treasure.

I got this lovely notebook for a great price! And I got it just because of that to tell you the truth. On my opinion it was to small. But I tried and fell in love with it! This is my bullet journal now. Here I will be doing a monthly views, weekly views and daily views. The paper is so good I can use watercolors and some ink markers. So it has function as a bullet journal, sketch journal and what ever it is needed at the moment.

This is the way I found planner peace!

I will be back soon to show you the inside of each of them on separate blog post and I will be adding the cover for you to download for free.

Thank you so much for come and read!
Hope to see you soon!
Nywrka Rebecca

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