Sunday, October 14, 2012

My blog on Fridays!

Ok... wierd name for a post. But it is what is going to be. I will try to update my blog every Friday. I will post the pictures of  all the projects and stuff  I worked during the week and show you if I did any video or anything like it.
So today I will do my first review week post (in this ocassion is  a 2 weeks review)... even when it is not Friday!

Here a page for a Mini to  a good friend of mine!

A page I did in my Art Journal, that btw I totally love it!
And the video

Some canvas
 The video

Some Layouts

That it is all! I had been working after the kids are in bed!
Check my store, you can find some finds of my Thrift shopping and some of my creations!

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