Sunday, August 26, 2012

Altered frame found in a Thrift shop

Hello all.

I am finally getting in the routine of have a new born and my 8 years old on vacations. I realize the baby is taking pretty two longs naps during the day, one for house work and the other (when I got all done in the first nap) for my corner!

So August 23rd was my 9th anniversary! I love that man! So much! I cant visualize my live without him. He is my enabler #1, my first supporter and he is always encouraging me to be better. Ok enough of my being a crazy in love wife! hehe

I decide to find the perfect gift for him... but my big boy son spoiled the surprise hehehe. So I made my gift for him!

I found this frame in one of my locals Thrift Shops. I saw all the possibilities! I paid $4.99 for it. I thought in that time it was kind of pricie but it was worth it.

I painted and altered not to feminine. It was a challenge not use flowers, laces, bling bling, or all the stuff I am used to. But I like the final look.

Here is the video where you can see the whole process.

Thanks for visit my blog! I really appreciated. And Stayed tune because I will do a gift away here pretty soon!


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