Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Pizza box!

I am going to be hosting a swap in A Lil Scrap of Heaven. The sawp is about paper! Check it out. You need to make the pizza box and decorated. We are going to be sawping the box with paper inside.

Yo voy a estar haciendo un intercambio en A Lil Scrap of Heaven. El intercambio consiste en hacer una caja de pizza y decorarla y llenarla de papel.

Here my version for the picture of the swap.

Aqui mi version para la foto del intercambio.

I used  my Mica Powders Milky Ways  and Starburst Spray Hottie Patottie Hot Pink and Moon Shadow Mist Phantom Fuchsia and Starburst Stain Gregarious Grey.


  1. I never knew a pizza box could be so beautiful!!! Love it you're an amazing artist Becca, Luv you♥