Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Misty Thank you so much! Thanks for think in me! You know I love you!  To visit Misty's Blog click MB's Treasurista

To have the honor of receiving the Stylish Blogger Award you must always pay it forward to other bloggers who are fairly new to blogging or to bring more fans to those you enjoy following as Misty did.
With this award you are to share eight things about yourself. Then pass the award to eight others

I'd like to pass the Stylish Blogger award to:
Ann Marie, Annie's Stampin Corner
Silver Mknz,Holy Scrap
Kelley, Disstressed Hippye
Rachel,Rachel's Tid Bits
Jackie, Scrapping Latina
MJ, My Love 4 Iggy
Carol, My Paper Stash
Paula, Crafty Mommy24cs

So here's 8 things about me:
1. I have a 7 years old boy that my world round around him.
2. I am married with the love of my life. I am madly in love like a teenager with his first love.♥
3. I love math, ok I know what you are thinking... FREAK! LOL
4. I have a big family and they live in Puerto Rico. I miss them so much!
5. I love candies and coffee... but I am  trying to cut it down... both... but not doing it good!
6. I love to smile! I love the people feel welcome.
7.  I am really afraid of ghost. I can't watch movies of ghost, and can't hear stories of ghost either. So if you have one scary story to say I will mute you! ;)
8.  I am a 100% If you don't have anything nice to say better don't say anything at all.

Thanks Misty this really means a lot to me!

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  1. Felicidades mija... Gracias por pensar en mi... Mucho carino amiga...